Why Google Reviews are Important

As business owners, we really love hearing how the business we’ve created brings joy to customers. Great reviews allows us to go back and read for a smile… especially on those tough days that feel impossible to get through. if you’re not reading reviews, then here’s the first reason Why Getting Google Reviews is Important.

By now, we all know Google is the number one search engine and resource used to find answers and solutions to whatever we’re looking to do. Our businesses also need to be there. If Google is the number one place for searches, it’s imperative to have great reviews for prospective customers to read. Let’s get into why getting Google reviews is important.

Getting Reviews Equals More Business

The best marketing is word-of-mouth, right? With Google reviews, your customers can now voice their opinions about your company and share what they love and why they recommend your business to the world. In a Forbes article about The Power Of Online Reviews it states 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. This shows that potential customers need to identify the type of customer experience you offer before buying. If you have great reviews, you’ll get more business. More than ever, today’s customers want to save time and money. Knowing your business’ reputation can let them know whether they should check out your website or keep scrolling to one of your competitors.

Reviews Reflect Your Reputation

You may have the best marketing and advertising materials, but consumers will trust the words of people who have done business with you already. Your customers have no stake in your business, which means they’re more likely to be 100 percent honest.

Most business don’t even respond to reviews, whether good or bad. With Google reviews, you as the business are able to respond to reviews left on your business listing. By responding to reviews, it clearly shows you care about your customers and pay attention to reviews they leave. it adds a human aspect, that in today’s business climate is much needed.

Dealing with negative reviews

Bad reviews hurt your business more than good reviews help your business. This means you have to work twice as hard to address bad reviews than getting new reviews. In a previous blog post we covered how to respond to bad reviews. If you do not have an existing strategy for dealing with negative reviews, read this blog post to help you develop a sustainable solution.

6Ninety9’s Pro Tip

At 6Ninety9 we have a process we use to help businesses drive dozens of new reviews, decrease bad reviews and strategically address any bad reviews that come through in a timely manner. Drop us a message and we’ll share our knowledge with you.

A Helping Hand to Small Businesses

At 6Ninety9, our goal is not to just design your website, but help you reach customers and grow your business.

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