9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio

Your social media bio is one of the most important pieces of marketing you can compose in your online business presence. It’s the first thing users see when they open your page, and it has to succinctly tell them who you are and what you do in a way that makes you stand out. Then it has to compel them to find out more.


Your bio on Instagram is among the most important, with Instagram being one of the most popular social media platforms on the web today. What you say in your Instagram bio could mean the difference between attracting or repelling its vast user base – so you’d better make it count.


This is no small task to accomplish in the space of 150 characters, and how to do it in no way goes without saying. That’s why we’ve decided to give you some help. Here are 9 tips to improve your Instagram bio, from the online marketing experts.


#1: Make it funny

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio


Brands like Doritos have a funny brand identity, so they use humor in their Instagram description.


If this is the kind of culture you wish to cultivate for your brand, you can take a cue from businesses like this and make a little joke, play on words, or self-aware observation at the top of your page.


Just keep in mind that Doritos is such a well-known brand that they really need no introduction – odds are you’re still trying to get the world to know who you are, so bear in mind that your bio has to achieve this even if you’re also trying to be quirky and humorous.


#2: Use a quote

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio


Incorporating a quotation into your bio can help you connect to your audience and show potential customers your personality and values.


It doesn’t have to be a well-known quote – in fact, if it’s more obscure, it might be even more eye-catching as it teaches the reader something they don’t already know.


Just make sure you attribute the quote to the person who originally said it – you don’t want to have a copyright situation on your hands.


#3: Use emojis

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio


Today’s digital language is that of the youth, and the youth communicate via text.


One of the staples of text language, along with abbreviations, is emojis.


Using emojis in your bio can make you seem current and youth-oriented, while also being playful and funny. If these are aspects of the brand identity you want to create, making a description that’s composed of emojis either in part or in full might be just what you need.


#4: Exude coolness

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio


Another brand style that some businesses opt for besides funny and quirky, is cool, slick, and sexy.


If this applies to you, you can use your bio as an opportunity to give off this vibe, thereby attracting the type of clientele you want to your business.


An example of this approach is Recess, which describes itself as “an antidote to modern times.”


#5: Keep it short

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio


There’s no need to get overelaborate with your bio. Just because you’re afforded 150 characters maximum, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to use all 150 characters. If you can say what you have to in 58, then opt for brevity.


A sterling example of this approach is Tesla, which manages to sum up everything it’s about in six short words: “electric cars, giant batteries and solar.”


#6: Use hashtags

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio


Branded hashtags are a big part of social media lexicon in general, as they’re a great way to promote your brand and drive user-generated content.


When visitors click on the hashtags in your bio, they’ll see all the mentions of your brand from your fans and other visitors, increasing your business’s credibility and encouraging engagement.


#7: Use line breaks

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio


When someone is looking for a particular good or service, which is usually the case when someone happens upon your online platforms such as your social media pages, they’re not taking the time to read through every description word for word. Instead, they’re scanning for the important information they’re looking for.


You can make this process easier by adding line breaks in your bio, distilling the important information and facilitating the experience.


Put your bio in the format of a bulleted list – giving the key points to take away in relation to your business.


An example of a business that uses this method to positive effect is Jungalow, who break down their bio into mini-categories creating a website navigation-like user experience.


#8: Use a call-to-action button

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio


Having a compelling CTA in your bio can have a double-effect.


First, it will induce the user to shop at your online store, buy tickets to your upcoming event, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.


Second, it will increase user engagement. By having an action that the user can take, you are making them actively involved in your business. Asking users to take a certain action keeps them interested, and takes them to the next step.


There are many places in your online presence to incorporate a CTA, and an Instagram bio is one of the top examples. It’s at the very top of your space in one of the highest-traffic sites on the web. That means that no sooner do they open your page, than they’re being directed to the next step in their journey with you.


#9: Connect to your website homepage

9 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Bio


Your Instagram and other social media pages should always have your website URL in the page description. You want to drive traffic to your main online HQ as much as possible, as that is the hub of all of your business’s offerings and activities.


Also, having a website URL is another way of supplying proof of the validity of your business, making you seem trustworthy and legitimate.


These are just some of the ideas to get you started on crafting a short but sweet description for your Instagram bio that will be a key part of using this platform to its fullest potential for your business growth aspirations. For more great tips like this, keep checking this blog in the days ahead.

6Ninety9 Team

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