9 Web Design Trends to Consider in 2022

9 Web Design Trends to Consider in 2022

All industries or professional fields are always evolving, and all art forms are always evolving – web design, being both of these as well as a digital technology medium, evolves at an accelerated pace. If you don’t stay in touch with the latest trends, you risk falling behind.

That’s why your reliable content creators here at 6Ninety9 are sharing this year’s top web design trends that you will not only love, but you’ve got to see if you’re going to stay ahead of the curve. Here are 9 web design trends that are on the rise in 2022.


#1: Asymmetricality

9 Web Design Trends to Consider in 2022

Up until now, the composition of your average web design layout has tended to favor balance and symmetry.


But increasingly, the stick has been bending toward a stylized asymmetrical layout – with a dramatic edge that attracts the eye toward specific points and guides it throughout the page in a deliberate and artful way.


A prime example of how to implement this technique well is Context Culture, the UK resource for international students.




#2: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

9 Web Design Tricks

Scalable Vector Graphics are file formats that display interactive images. Incorporating interactive elements into your website is always a great way to keep your users engaged, as well as hiding search terms and improving your SEO.

A great example of a website that uses this style element is Growth Saloon.


#3: Oversized Lettering

9 Web Design Trends to Consider in 2022

This is a style you may have started seeing in various media lately, including in films like Queen and Slim and Joker, music videos like Shabazz Palaces’ “Selfiecide,” advertising, and elsewhere.

Using big, bold typeface that takes up a large portion of the screen grabs the user’s attention, while also stressing simplicity, elegance, and hipness. It also screams your brand, and makes it seem important and unforgettable to your audience.



#4: Split Content

9 Web Design Tips

Dividing your page between two distinct forms of content has several advantages.

It’s efficient in that it accomplishes communicating a maximum amount of information to your reader while still maintaining simplicity of form. It is another way of guiding your viewer’s eye where it needs to go, thereby optimizing their user experience. Lastly, it is simply visually stunning.



#5: Custom Images

While taking advantage of the latest trends will make your site relevant, whatever you can do to make your website unique is in and of itself being stylish. Using images that can’t be found anywhere else but on your site will do this, while also building a body of content that you can call your own.

There are a variety of tools you can use to create your own custom images, and once you learn how to use them, the possibilities are endless.


#6: Hidden Links

9 Web Design Tricks

You may have noticed a term that’s come up multiple times so far is simplicity. This is no accident. Overcrowding your page with too many elements will confuse and turn off your visitors, and isn’t aesthetically pleasing. As time goes on, the principle of less is more is progressively taking over the web design game.

Incorporating hidden links in your design is a great way to use visual stimuli to compel your patrons to go where you want them to go, while also retaining the economy of your space. Your visitors will see a sleek design that draws their eye in and trains it through the right path, without being over-complicated.



#7: 3D Design

Parallax scrolling gives you the ability to create the illusion of a 3D experience by adding depth and movement to your design. This visually dazzling effect will certainly gain traction in the coming year, due to its captivating and futuristic nature.

It also gives your website the impression of being well-funded, while it is actually relatively cheap.

The Qode Interactive Catalogue makes great use of this effect.


#8: Voice Command

Voice search technologies like Siri, Alexa and OK Google are taking over the game, and your website should move forward to accommodate this change.

Incorporating voice command into your website will give your visitors more ways to access it, and will enable them to interact with it in the way more and more people are using the internet.

This is also an argument for generally making your website favorable to voice.


#9: Single-Page Sites

The ultimate form of simplicity is to strip your site down to its bare bones. By restricting yourself to one page, you are forced to choose the elements that really matter in order to balance with the overarching theme we’ve been advocating, simplicity.

You are also giving your visitors the simplest possible user experience, by putting everything out there on the front page for them to find. No need to go search for any information, no need for any menus, all you have to do is scroll down.


Of course, you don’t have to employ every one of these methods. But whichever ones you choose, we hope to have given you a general sense of the direction the trends are moving into so you can capture that sense while creating a site that is uniquely your own. Or better yet, get some help. Reach out to us for a consultation and see how these practices can be put into action from the best in the business.

6Ninety9 Team

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