9 Instagram Bios To Emulate For Business

9 Instagram Bios To Emulate For Business

In a recent post we covered 9 tips to improve your Instagram bios. Now we’d like to take that topic to the next step and spotlight some examples of local businesses in the Wilmington area that are using best practices to craft strong, effective introductory bios on their Instagram pages. 9 Instagram Bios To Emulate For Business

Here are 9 Instagram business bios to give you inspiration, and possibly samples to refer to as you create your perfect bio.

#1: Wilmington Brew Works

9 Instagram Bios To Emulate For Business

This cherished Wilmington brewery and taproom ticks all the checkboxes for their IG bio: they use branded hashtags, include a link to their central homepage, make a quotation, use emojis – which are often easier to read than text – and share their location.

They also do all this while taking into account that the internet is a visual medium – meaning that the layout has to be eye-catching. That’s why they stack their phrases using line breaks, facilitating the experience of reading through and organizing the information mentally. They also use bolded passages and various fonts, making the bio both fun to look at and easier to understand.

#2: Frank’s Wine

9 Instagram Bios To Emulate For Business

Frank’s Wine also divides the information in its bio hierarchically, and also uses dazzling visual elements, but it blends these two approaches together very creatively.

Instead of stacking the phrases with line breaks, Frank’s precedes each phrase with an emoji. This way, the bio is replete with colorful emojis, but instead of feeling randomized, they are well-organized and clean, and also serve to structure the phrases in such a way that they are more comprehensible.

They also make sure to use a hashtag and provide the link to their homepage.

#3: DECO Wilmington

9 Instagram Bios To Emulate For Business

The DECO Food Hall keeps its bio pretty short and sweet, throwing in the requisite emojis and link, but it also puts a different spin on it.

Instead of just saying who they are or dropping some clever line, DECO gives us a proper introduction, saying “Welcome to the DE.CO Food Hall.”

This simulates the experience of actually walking into the physical location, and truly does make the patron feel welcome to come in and check it out.

#4: Wilma’s

9 Instagram Bios To Emulate For Business

Being a combination game hall and Cajun restaurant, Wilma’s has a playful and quirky brand identity, as evidenced by their tagline, “boisterous games and dangerously good times.”

This makes it important to translate this attitude into their IG bio, which is why they lead with a self-aware pun: “Let the good times bowl” (referring of course to their in-house bowling alley – cue laugh track).

Wilma’s then follows this hilarious quip with a practical and detailed yet succinct description. Then it makes another unique and ingenious choice: instead of just a general link to their website, they include a link to reserve a table. This is both a redirect to their online HQ and a call-to-action in one. Bravo, Wilma’s.

#5: Wilmington Green Box

9 Instagram Bios To Emulate For Business

A veggie foodery devoted to delivering “healthy foods in a creative way,” Wilmington Green Box also uses the important IG bio elements in a creative way: they organize their bio in the form of a bulleted list, using emojis as bullet points.

Each word in every phrase is capitalized to attract the eye, and the whole thing is capped off with their website URL. Perfectly structured.

#6: Ice Cream Delight

9 Instagram Bios To Emulate For Business

Ice Cream Delight also follows the same structure, with one significant addition: it heads its bulleted list with an all-caps announcement (“OPEN FOR THE 2022 SEASON”).

This makes the bio more exciting, gets the visitors hype about patronizing their establishment, and makes you feel like you’re part of something special, while also imparting the most practical information without wasting any space.

#7: Rocco Italian Grill

Rocco’s bio gets straight to the point: it gives a simple, factual description (“Family Restaurant & Sports Bar”), shares its location in the heart of Little Italy in Wilmington, and before dropping its URL, it regales us with a string of emojis followed by a string of branded hashtags.


This incorporates all the elements you need for a great bio, in its own unique way which is at the same time perfectly simple.

#8: Makers Alley

When we said that one way to craft a bio is to exude coolness, this is just the kind of bio we were thinking of.

Makers Alley bills itself as a “hip hang out with good eats, drinks, and outdoor vibes, located off the beaten path.”

It also puts its hashtag as a call-to-action (“Tag us using #makersalleyde”) and of course doesn’t sleep on the URL.

#9: Tristate’s Cleaning & Utility

This upscale cleaning service uses the layered structure to list off its many services, ending each phrase with a colorful emoji.

It then finishes off the bio with its gracefully direct slogan: “Useful. Profitable. Beneficial,” followed by its URL. All the necessary information, while still being quick and easy to read.

You’ll notice that all of these examples share many of the same qualities in common – structure, URL, calls-to-action, use of emojis – while still putting in their own unique twist. That’s the mark of great marketing copy. If you want top-tier professionals to bring this kind of expertise to your social media marketing, visit our homepage to schedule a consultation today. We know you won’t regret it.

6Ninety9 Team

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