Three ways to increase website traffic

With technology nowadays it is basically mandatory to have a website if you want your business to grow to its maximum capability. Almost everyone uses their mobile devices to look up the product or service they need. In fact, 97% of people go to Google to find what they need. Without a website you are missing out on all those potential sales. Another reason a website is great to have is that it works for you even when you are not working.

You might ask, what exactly is website traffic? Well website traffic refers to the number of web users who visit a certain website. There are many different ways visitors can get to your website, but all of them are part of your website’s traffic. Unlike the traffic on your commute to work, website traffic is a good thing and you want as much as possible. Here are three ways to increase website traffic.


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic you receive. Your SEO determines how high up you are in a Google search and also which search keywords you will show up for. The better your SEO the closer you will be to the top in Google searches.

There are many things that affect your SEO. To improve your SEO your title must match the content of your web-page and cannot have spelling errors. Having a title that doesn’t match your content will hurt your chances of coming up in Google searches. If your company has a good reputation for its website that will also boost your SEO.


A back link is when someone is on another website and they can be redirected to your website by just clicking a link. It is a bridge from one website to another and makes it easy for consumers to go from site to site. When you have links from reputable websites to yours it improves your website’s reputation. It is important to not just let any site link to yours because it could make your website less reputable in the long run if links are from bad websites. Some great ways to get back-links are from podcasts, guest posting and referral traffic from business partners.


Everyone knows what social media is nowadays and it makes a big impact in mobile business. People spend hours, daily on social media and it is a great opportunity to get your brand out there. You can build great awareness towards your business with social media, because it is such a wide audience that your brand will be visible to on these platforms. This also gives people the opportunity to learn about your business and it can make you a more credible business than you were before. Social Media is also an inexpensive way of advertising, as you can make posts for free daily.

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